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Day 13 – Matron Goddess Or Goddesses You Favor

A new post, a new answer in the list of 31 Days Of WitchCraft. This one is a more difficult one since I don't have a matron goddess (yet). So, let's look at the goddesses I work with most. As I've said before, I'm a celtic Witch, prefering to work with celtic deities. Looking back at my latest ritual work and spells, there are three goddesses I … [Read More...]

day 12

Day 12 – Do/Will you teach and practice witchcraft to your children?

Time for an update on the 31 Days of WitchCraft topic. This time the question is if I will teach and practice witchcraft to my kids. The answer is: it depends. I don't have secrets for my kids. They know that I'm a witch and what it entails, but they have not done any rituals with me, or any circlework. However, when they decide that they want to … [Read More...]


samhain incense recipe

My Samhain Incense Recipe For This Year’s Ritual

One of the things I enjoy doing, is mixing up my own incense that can be used during celebrations. With Samhain coming closer every day, I decided to work on this year's recipe this weekend, so I'll … [Read More...]

samhain celebration

Samhain Celebration – Or, Where Halloween Started

The pagan year is split up into four major, or seasonal, parts. Each part is marked by a Sabbat, or holiday, celebrations. Of the four seasonal, or "Greater" Sabbats, the Samhain (sow-en) celebration … [Read More...]


halloween birthday party

Making it Memorable Through A Halloween Birthday Party Theme

Who said Halloween is a strict October 31st affair? Every birthday should be special to both the guests and the hosts. It should be worthy of reminiscing over for years to come and remain fresh in … [Read More...]

ravenna costume

Halloween Ravenna Costume: Queen of Darkness

With the coming Halloween season, you are bound to see costumes depicting cartoon characters like the iconic movie, Snow White and the Huntsman in a number of online stores. We know all along that … [Read More...]